The Border Crossings Project is an archaeology of the present. By using stories and narratives as our main resource, we aim to fuel alternative ways of seeing across a broad range of physical and cultural contexts, led by a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists working together to produce a significant body of work the transcends colonial politics and art-making.

The Border Crossings project is committed to bringing people and communities together through the sharing of stories and using art as a common denominator.
The Border Crossings project seeks to engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through providing an opportunity to share and explore realities, ideas of self-representation, colonial narratives and present parallel histories.
Through a series of workshops, the Border Crossings project focuses on the “act of doing” through performative actions, highlighting the importance of voice and necessity of communal dialogue. This project will provide a forum for open dialogue while sharing culture through creation.
The Art Gallery of Mississauga (AGM) is a public, not-for-profit, art gallery located in the Mississauga Civic Centre, right on Celebration Square and across from Square One Shopping Centre. The AGM is generously supported by the City of Mississauga, the Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, private citizens and its members. The AGM presents a changing calendar of engaging contemporary art exhibitions, featuring regional, national and international artists. As a public gallery with a strong community connection, the AGM is interested in assisting visitors as they learn about art. Projects that engage our community and reflect our awareness of contemporary and relevant cultural topics and issues are of particular interest. The gallery offers a wide range of tours, talks, and workshops for adult learners, as well as innovative youth programmes for schools, universities and community groups. As a centre for community building, the gallery is envisioned to energize the cultural producers of Mississauga and beyond. The AGM is committed to presenting stimulating exhibitions which are aesthetically strong and intellectually challenging alongside multi-platform ancillary events.

First. New. Next.
The AGM provides platforms for exhibitions, collections and experimentation in contemporary culture with a recent focus on artists and cultural producers from Indigenous, newcomer and youth communities. Through a broad range of educational programs, artist projects and other forms of critical dialogue, the AGM seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, foster community, and provide spaces where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways.

The AGM is proud to admit people free of charge, serve communities, and provide positive visual art experiences for all visitors.

For more information about the Art Gallery of Mississauga visit our website at www.artgalleryofmississauga.com