Border Crossings is an archaeology of the present and uses stories and narratives to fuel an alternative means of seeing across a broad range of physical and cultural contexts. This project will be led by a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and will seek to produce a body of work that transcends colonial politics and art-making.

This project celebrates the AGM’s commitment to bringing people and communities together to produce an impactful experience presented through art and art-making. We encourage the communities involved to share their stories to give our audience access to parallel and personal histories and realities to question colonial narratives and connect our past to our present through multi-media art pieces that will highlight, reinforce and challenge traditional and contemporary worldviews.

Border Crossings will culminate an interactive multimedia installation piece that will include a combination of documentary audio, photographs, text, collage, objects, songs and an antique wardrobe trunk that will invite the audience to explore and participate by sharing their own stories. To do so, the AGM will host a series of workshops led by a collective of Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists. These workshops will enable participants to engage in collecting, interpreting and presenting and will encourage a dialogue of specific ideas whether it be the re-ordering of a community or the socio-cultural dynamics of a community.

At a time when, we are speaking of the challenges, hardships and tragedies many Indigenous communities are facing, we must reflect on the history of colonialism and oppression that has marked Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations on this land. At the AGM, we firmly believe the arts plays an important in addressing critical issues and is vital to the process of healing, empowerment and in the conversation and action for the shared future of Indigenous and non-Indigenous relationships.

Interested in getting involved? Get in touch by contacting our Community Activator, Sharada Eswar, at OR our Community Project Coordinator, Cierra Andrews, at!

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